Current times may seem uncertain, but that doesn’t mean your brand can’t still thrive. Thanks to laser engraving, you have creative ways of promoting your business. And as an individual, you’re in the right place if you’re looking for personalized items. 

Unfortunately, sometimes you may not know what to do with laser engraving. But we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for 18 laser engraving ideas to inspire creativity in your next custom order.

Laser Engraved Phone Cases

We love our phones, and they are integral to most of our lives. Phone cases are used by most people who own mobile devices to protect their precious tech companions. This explains why phone cases are an exceptional laser engraved gift and promotional item.

Custom Polar Camel Mugs

Laser engraving on a glass mug adds a new dimension that can fit most people’s style. As a brand, you will be able to touch customers with personalized drinkware every time they take their beverage. You can also engrave ceramic, porcelain, and metal mugs. 

Laser Engraved Bins

With most people stuck at home, bins may be the most demanded item now. Finally, people have the time to declutter their homes. Bins can provide the creative option to store spices, craft, pens, planters, and so many other materials. 

For a brand, this is an opportune moment to take your business to the next level. With a set of custom laser engraved bins, you can give your customers a reason to smile.

Custom Camel Tumblers Cups

Polar camel tumbler cups are great ways to keep your drinks warm as you work from home throughout the day. Tumbler cups have always been a popular choice for in-home and on-the-go beverage consumption. These are great promo products for people to enjoy their drinks of choice while being reminded of your brand.

Polar Camel Cup Lids

Cup lids are a quick and affordable way to help promote your business to others. They are useful for almost anyone that uses travel and regular mugs or cups. 

Polar camel cup lids feature various closeable tops styles, materials and spillage protection.

Custom Polar Camel Wine Glass

Enjoying a glass of wine more often has become a regular habit during the quarantine. This is the perfect opportunity to target customers with promotional wine glasses.

Having names or fun quotes engraved on wine glasses makes the experience even better for some people.

Polar Insulated Cups

Polar insulated cups are great travel mugs. They have a double-wall vacuum insulation feature and clear lids. These cups versatile and perfect for advertising your company.

Laser Engraved Coasters 

Coasters are needed in almost any household that drinks─which is why they are great promotional items. You’ll see them every time you enjoy a cup of coffee, and they can also be ideal as a gift for your loved ones. As a promo product, engraved coasters revolve around your recipient and boost recall. 

Keychain Bottle Opener

In all the custom laser-engraved products, the bottle opener has seen increased usage. Washington Post reports the corona pandemic has led to high alcohol consumption. 

The bottle opener is now a necessity in homes. That means it can enable you to gain more visibility. 

Branded Playing Cards

Staying at home can lead to tons of boredom that you can only kill with entertainment. Think of a deck of playing cards if you’re looking to charm your customers. Creatively place mini logos around the card boxes to ensure brand awareness.

Engraved CorkScrew 

Besides an opener for laser engraving ideas, also consider corkscrew. Customers are likely going to drink more wine, and the right opening device won’t stay unappreciated. Engraving the corkscrew makes it unique, and including your logo or artwork boosts its beauty.

Polar Stainless Aluminum Drinking Straw

Many people have started to turn to more eco-friendly ways of living and plastic straws are one of the main items they’ve started to decrease the usage of. Using stainless aluminum drinking straws for promotion is a good way to advertise while sending a message that supports the environment. 

Personalized Wrist Brand

If you want an affordable laser engraving idea, wristbands are suitable because of their low price. They can carry your mission statement or a special message to show you care and value your customers.

Polar Camel Can Cooler

Who can enjoy a beverage that’s supposed to be cold when it’s warm? Not many people. 

Polar camel can coolers are a great way to help customers and clients keep their drinks at a refreshing temperature while promoting your company. They’re practical and convenient enough for anyone. They can also keep your hot drink warm.

Photo Frames

Photo frames are part of interior decor. Photo frames can take your brand into customers’ homes and help to increase recognition. Engraving them revamps their ordinary look into a beautiful decoration item. 

Reusable Coffee Cup Sleeves

Coffee cup sleeves continue to provide a branding aesthetic and functional piece. There’s no shortage of folks drinking coffee or tea. When reusable and engraved, reusable cup sleeves create positive brand impressions. 

Which Are Your Favorite Laser Engraving Ideas? 

These laser engraving ideas could be just what your business needs to promote some fun products during tough times. Besides, our tips here can inspire you to find something that can meet your needs. 

If you want assistance creating great engraved promo items for your business, contact us today.