Are you looking for that perfect personalized insulated tumbler? Maybe you’re going on a long hike and need the right item to insulate your beverages. Or, perhaps your last tumbler wasn’t insulated, and you need a new one to make the school run more manageable on your sanity.

There are a number of reasons why you might need to find the right tumbler, but fewer outlets telling you exactly what you should be looking for. The team here at Lasered From the Heart wasn’t content with that fact.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write this post to help you find the perfect Polar Camel Tumbler for your needs.

Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation

The first thing you need to be looking out for when choosing the perfect polar camel tumbler is double-wall vacuum insulation.

If a tumbler has double-wall vacuum insulation, then it is more likely to actually insulate the drinks contained within. Far too many tumblers on the market claim to insulate, but then aren’t made of the right quality materials or design to accomplish that feat.

You don’t want to buy a tumbler that doesn’t keep your coffee piping hot; that defeats the very point of purchase!

The double-wall vacuum insulation means that your tumbler is made of two stainless steel walls (hence the double-wall in the name). Between these two walls is a vacuum.

This design is what keeps your tumbler insulated, as it ensures the heat cannot transfer through the walls to the outside of the tumbler. Always make sure to look for double-wall vacuum insulation as a listed feature before you purchase.

Purchasing the Right Capacity of Tumbler

The next thing you need to consider when purchasing the perfect tumbler is ordering the right capacity.

The capacity of a tumbler concerns how much liquid it can hold at any one time. A reliable outlet should provide a number of different capacity options when you purchase a tumbler.

These should typically include 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, 20oz, or even 30oz options, though selections may differ. Having this variety shows that the location you are purchasing from is an experienced provider of quality tumblers.

It also ensures you can select the right size for you. If you drink a large cup of coffee every morning, you might want to invest in a 30oz cup to make sure you get that caffeine hit.

But if you don’t tend to drink quite so much, a 12oz or 16oz option might be perfect for your needs. It’s about assessing what quantities you usually consume and choosing the right tumbler to meet this need.

Choosing the Right Style of Tumbler for Your Beverage of Choice

Many people purchase tumblers for hot drinks, such as coffee or tea, to ensure they are kept warm at all times. But today you shouldn’t limit yourself to this option.

There are numerous different variants of a tumbler which are better designed for certain types of drinks. For example, if you’re more likely to purchase a tumbler to keep your beer cold, you should consider purchasing a pilsner-style polar camel tumbler.

A pilsner-style insulated tumbler is designed to reflect the image of an ordinary pint glass. That can make the process of drinking a beer from a tumbler infinitely more realistic and enjoyable as a result.

The right supplier should have tumblers in a number of different shapes and sizes. Your job is to figure out what you’re going to be using your tumbler for, primarily.

Then you’ll be able to select the perfect tumbler for you based on their offerings.

Ensuring the Customizable Aspect of Your Tumbler is the Highest Quality

The major thing that will set your tumbler apart from everyone else’s lies in the customizability you choose.

Because of that, you should bear in mind the extent of any customizability options for your tumbler before you purchase. The finest way of customizing a tumbler is through laser engraving services. Laser engraving allows you to engrave a personalized message into the body of your tumbler.

You should be able to write anything you want; that’s true customizability! Maybe you want to include your name so it won’t get nabbed by a co-worker in your office.

Or, if you’re purchasing the tumbler as a gift, you could include an in-joke or heartfelt message. In addition to being able to add messages, the most experienced engraving companies will be able to add customized images to your tumbler.

This is a fantastic way to add your local sport’s teams logo to a tumbler, or maybe your company logo. In addition to this, you should be able to choose from a number of different colors when selecting your perfect tumbler.

You should be able to perform this personalized aspect directly on your computer. That way, it can be a part of the purchasing process. It ensures you have complete control over the design you want.

If the company you’re buying from can’t achieve all of the above, then they aren’t selling you the perfect tumbler for your needs.

Where Can I Buy the Perfect Personalized Insulated Tumbler?

If you’re hoping to buy the right personalized insulated tumbler for you, you’re already in the right place.

Here at Lasered From The Heart, we make it our mission to give customers access to the customized products of their dreams. We have a number of different sizes and style polar camel tumblers available on our website.

All of them come with laser engraving customizability options included within the listed price, and this customization can be performed directly on your computer during purchase.

Get creative, and order the perfect insulated tumbler for you, today!

To find out more, or if you have any questions, make sure you contact us directly!