Are you ready to revamp your lake house decor? There are so many decor themes that you can go with for your lake home, but adding a touch of modern elements can help to bring your decor up to date. 

Mix rustic with elegance with these awesome modern lake house decor ideas that can make your space feel like new. In this guide, we will go over so many unique themes that there is truly something for everyone. 

Give It a Southern Twist 

With the popularity of the modern farmhouse design concept, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing this subtle hint of southern in lake house decor as well. This design can be elevated for a modern feel while still feeling relaxed and rustic. 

Wooden features are a great way to tie this theme together, so this is a great option if your lake home has hardwood floors. Consider staining your wood with a darker polish to make your space warmer for this decor option. 

When it comes to furniture and fabrics, decorate your floors with neutral, braided rugs for some texture. Wood furniture options can tie in the rustic feel of this theme. Consider using long wooden benches for communal seating around the dining table. 

Cotton fabric elements, such as gingham printed pillows, can help to add some color to this neutral space. You can also add color with other decorative details while still keeping things natural. Consider using green bottles or tins as vases and adding daises and baby breath at the side tables for a lively detail. 

Old fashion wheel or barrel lighting, as well as candle chandeliers, are great options for areas such as the living room. Pendant or lamp lighting is best in smaller areas. Add laser engraved cutting boards in the kitchen for a rustic element with a dash of personalization. 

For the Lake House in the Mountains 

If your lake house is nestled in the mountains, combine lake and mountain home vibes in your decor theme. This style will rely on natural stone and wood elements to bring the nature that surrounds indoors. Dark stained wood flooring or stone tile will help to give your space a natural look. 

A faux bearskin rug can be a great way to cozy up cold flooring while still playing on the mountain home theme. These can be great to place in front of a fireplace in your den or living room space. Stone fireplaces offer a great detail reminiscent of the mountains. 

Lodge or log cabin styled details help to warm this space. Leather furniture is a great way to add some opulence. Cozy it up with soft fabrics, like suedes and chenille. 

Contemporary Chic 

If you’re looking to make your mountain home chic, clean, and modern while still incorporating your typical lake home motifs, the contemporary design concept is for you. You can make this design theme work without it being too stark in contrast to your surroundings. Choose cork or marble flooring for a simple and sleek option that still has a natural feel. 

When it comes to furniture, look for light sleek wood, iron, or leather for an industrial look. White leather couches can make a statement in this space while also establishing a contemporary vibe. Chrome, metallics, and glass tabletops can help your surfaces shine. 

Choose modern, textured fabrics in this space, and add color with geometric printed throw pillows. Solid colors like deep blues and greens can help to add some contrast while tying in the natural colors of the lake.

Decorative modern art pieces and sculptures can elevate this space and work as conversation pieces. Consider finding modern art interpretations of lakes and the surrounding nature to add a level of interest. 

Quart white countertops work well in the kitchen to keep things bright. Blue pendant lighting here can help to add some color and offset this space if it feels too sterile.

Keep windows open, as this design theme will be complemented by natural light. Consider using bamboo roll up blinds for when the sun is too intense, or electric blinds which are not visible when not in use. 

Go Real Rustic 

If the above design themes aren’t doing it for you, and you want to go all the way rustic with your design, we’ve got some great ideas for you. With a rustic design, wood flooring is a must to create the warm and weathered feel you’re trying to master. Distressed painted furniture will help to add some light color to this space. 

Complete this look with antique collectibles and figurines. You may want to select a fish or boat motif for this theme or use a combination of the two. This will help you when selecting decorative pieces. 

Add unique lanterns for the perfect amount of mood lighting in this dark space. Exposed beams and rough finish paneling are great ideas in this space. Reclaimed barn doors can be great options that give this space an industrial farmhouse feel. 

Modern Lake House Decor Theme Ideas 

As you can see, there are tons of unique and modern lake house decor options that you can use to match your location and your own style preference. Whether you want a low-key, rustic feel or a sleek contemporary option, you can style your home without losing inspiration from your surroundings. Take your lake house decor to the next level this year with one of these awesome options. 

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