Are you looking to get a gift for someone special? Do you want to give a gift that’s unlike any other they’ve ever received? If so, then you should consider laser engraving tumblers for gifts.

You can engrave virtually anything that you want on them, making them one of the most customizable gifts that money can buy. You’ll also guarantee that you’re spending money on a gift that they’ll use hundreds of times in the next several years.

If you’re looking to purchase laser engraved tumblers for the first time, then there are a few tips you should know about. Be sure to see below for several recommendations.

1. Consider Who You’re Buying for

One of the biggest benefits of laser engraving tumblers for gifts is the customizability that it gives you. You can create virtually anything that the person might like.

Because of that, you want to give them something unique to them. Maybe they have a favorite sports team that you can use. Perhaps you can place something about the Gulf Lake, Minnesota area.

Ideally, they’ll use this gift as their go-to cup for coffee, beer, water, ice-cold soda, summer cocktail, or any other drink that they enjoy. Therefore, the design on the cup should be one that will stay relevant.

Maybe there’s a funny inside joke that you can engrave on the side. This will ensure that they think of you whenever they look at the tumbler. Anytime that someone asks, they’ll get a kick out of explaining the joke again.

2. Determine the Tumbler Type

Even though you’ve decided that you’re going to give someone a laser engraved tumbler doesn’t mean your decisions are over. You still have to choose the type of tumbler that you’ll customize.

There are more Polar Camel tumblers than you might expect. You can choose from 30-ounce insulated tumblers, 10-ounce insulated tumblers, 12-ounce tumblers, beverage holders, pilsner tumblers, ringneck tumblers, pint tumblers, and much more.

How should you decide which one to get them? It depends on what type of drinks they enjoy the most. For example, if they’re someone who constantly has their hands on a soda, then get them the appropriate size of a basic tumbler.

If they go to the lake often and enjoy having a beverage, then you might consider the insulated beverage holders, pilsner tumblers, or pint tumblers.

Whatever route you decide to take, the tumbler you choose will keep their beverages cool for hours on end. Perfect for keeping cold drinks cool in the summer and hot drinks warm in the winter!

3. Choose the Right Color

Not only do tumblers come in more shapes and sizes than you might’ve imagined, but they also come in a bevy of different colors.

During the laser engraving process, you’ll choose a color for the tumbler that the service will engrave your message or image onto. Your preferred image or message will appear in stainless steel, while the rest of the tumbler remains one color.

Knowing that ahead of time, it’s important that you choose the right color for your desired aesthetic.

If you’re using a sports team, then the color will be easier to pick out. But if you’re engraving a message, then you might be at a loss.

Consider using color psychology for the tumbler you’re creating. Each color portrays a certain emotion. You can match that emotion with the message or picture you’re wanting to engrave on the tumbler.

For example, if you’re engraving a message for an upcoming vacation, then you could choose red (excitement and youthfulness) or yellow (happiness). If all else fails, it’s never a bad idea to choose their favorite color! At least you now have options!

4. Purchase High Quality

If you go too cheap on the tumbler that you choose, it won’t last as long as you hope. Certain tumbler brands are less effective, lack double-wall insulation, and the paint starts to fade away over time.

There are also certain brands with lids that don’t properly fit the cup. This results in spilled drinks and stains on clothes, neither of which you want your friend/relative to experience.

One of the most trusted tumbler brands in the business is Polar Camel, that focuses on the durability and high quality. Laser engraving their products will help the tumbler keep the same aesthetic for many years to come.

Since you want to ensure the tumbler you buy has all the right aspects of it, it’s always best to trust name brands like Polar Camel.

5. Don’t Overdo It

To make your friend or relative’s jaw drop when they open the gift, you might consider going all out with something like a 30-ounce tumbler.

However, it’s important to remember how your recipient will use the cup most often. If they only use it for things such as coffee and beer, then a 30-ounce tumbler is excessive.

So much so that they might opt for a different cup because of how exceedingly large the tumbler is.

Take the time to carefully consider what drinks they favor and how much of it they’ll take in at one time. Let that be your guide for which tumbler style to engrave!

Laser Engrave Tumblers for Gifts Today

Now that you’ve seen how to properly pick out the tumblers for gifts that you want to give people, it’s time to start the process.

Be sure to read this article for more information and tips on how to find the perfect personalized Polar Camel tumbler.

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